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Once A Cupid....

I was once a cupid
But now i'm a fallen angel
Destined to fly broken and crazy
But too strong to cry

The peace which will be never again

is ruined again and again
what left is only a dream that brings a tiny bit of happiness

Through this freezing pain
i learned about dreams
if i could make it all go away
i'd have no use for this heart
so i can forget this sadness

The pure red heart will soon turn to black
and i'm slowly turn into a speed demon
where there's no wish for other things
except for live and die in speed

So, no matter how much i get hurt
nothing can stop me anymore
even if i come to the end of my life
there's something important that i shall never forget
is the fact i was once a cupid


26th Sept 2009

~ Jumaat, 25 September 2009 1 comments

Makluman Awal untuk BBC Members "BBC TOURS TO KOTA KINABALU"

BBC tour bersama S1 ke Kota Kinabalu, Sabah pada 4hb Januari 2010 sehingga 7hb Januari 2010.

Acara :

Isnin, 4hb Januari 2010
  • BBC jelajah ke Daerah Keningau (bermalam 1 mlm di Hotel Queen)
  • Dinner bersama Keningau Bikers Club
  • (Ahli BBC diminta membawa bersama uniform no.1)
Selasa, 5hb Januari 2010
  • BBC menunju ke bandar Kota Kinabalu (bermalam 2 mlm di Hotel Deelton)
  • Full day shopping
Rabu, 6hb Januari 2010
  • BBC tour ke Nasional Park, Kundangsan dan Poring (air panas) Ranau
Khamis, 7hb Januari 2010
  • BBC balik ke Brunei

kepada siapa-siapa ahli BBC yg ingin menyertai sila contact S1, TQ

~ Khamis, 24 September 2009 0 comments

Video aku dan Yamaha YZF R6 09 milik ku...


dah lama aku planning nak buat satu video time aku main moto
akhirnya terlaksana jugak impian aku tu
cuma video aku top speed kat highway belum tercapai lagi
tapi buat masa ni aku rasa puas hati
walaupun video ni tak seberapa tapi aku enjoy tengok balik2..
aku tak tau la korang enjoy ke tak..
tapi tak kisah la..
janji aku happy..

aku tau aku tak nampak mcm sportrider pro
atau pun seperti valentino rossi
lagi pun aku tak pakai full race suit (memang aku takde benda tu)
jadi skill biasa2 je la ek...
nak lebih2 nanti jatuh naya je..
happy nye aku~~~

~ Ahad, 13 September 2009 0 comments

Lepak at Dunes Cafe + Sahur at Dynasty

Manila Flight (MNL - BWN) 5th Sept 2009

Aku Dan Pink

(satu ari aku nak cat moto aku dgn kaler ni)

Tak kisah la org kata pink tu lebih seswai utk perempuan
Tak kisah la org kata lelaki yang minat pink itu pondan
Tapi bagi aku pink tetap menawan
hanya lelaki sejati je yg berani pakai baju kaler pink di khalayak ramai
cuma lelaki yang berkulit cerah je yg lawa bile pakai baju kaler pink

itu org ckp kat aku
sebab tu aku suka pakai kaler pink
lepas ni makin byk la baju2 kaler pink aku
sebab org ckp kaler tu memang seswai dgn aku
diorg tipu atau ikhlas atau saje nak main2kan aku
aku tak kisah...
korang tengok la gambar aku pakai baju kaler pink..
korang la hakim utk menilai samada aku ngam atau tak dengan pink
puji, kutuk atau larang

aku tak kisah...
sebab "PINK IS THE NEW BLACK" bagi aku
korang suka atau tak, simpan je perasan tu
tak perlu kasitau aku
sebab aku tak kisah pun


~ Rabu, 9 September 2009 0 comments

Katakan Tidak Pada Rokok!!!

Rokok Itu Berhantu

Smoking will take ur soul away

smoking is bad

smoking will take ur soul away

every puff will let death angel 1 step closer to u

smoking kills

smoking is just like u're commiting suicide as slow as possible

active smokiers can kill passive smokers

time bomb..just waiting to kill u..

smoking burns

death angel is owez eager to kill smokers

smoking burns

smoking is same as u pointed a loaded gun to ur own head

smoking will not make u pretty

smokers always have bad breath

~ Isnin, 7 September 2009 0 comments

BBC geng sungkai ride (07th Sept 2009)

Meeting Point at KAYU restaurant

Weejay with his YZF R6 03

Kymco Xciting R & YZF R6 03

Aidel with his scooter Kymco Xciting R

Me & my Baby Azraq (YZF R6 09)

Trying to contact other members

the arrival of G.Mirul n Mambai

Waiting for Asri

Just arrived at R.S.Z, Kilanas

The Bikes

Mambai, Asri & Hafiz

The Easy Rides

Weejay with the bikes...

Royal Star which is owned by Ismail

Me with the Bikes

Where we break our fast..

taking our seats

Get ready..d breaking fast time is just in 10mins

Hafiz is showing his plate is the most among us
while G.Mirul bought a bottle of Coca Cola

everything is set.. breaking fast is just in several mins

Those are what i'm having for breaking my fast..

Hafiz is a real monster..or a vaccum cleaner?

Our Bikes when Brunei is at night

candid of mine...

Puff your life away...

(After The Unfortunate Event)

Scrathes & damages on Weejay's Bike
(Yes!! you've got the idea what happened to him on that night)

He's fine... don't worry (^_^)v

He'll never forget the moments
(R.I.P.A.S Hospital)

What happened just now is nothing for bikers
we still hang out at Jerudong Park

See.. I've told you... Weejay is still in the mood for the night
it's not the time to go home yet...

The doctor gave Weejay 5 days MC...
and we have to send him back home while his bike, we leave it at Aidel's sister's house
He texted me that he's happy with his 5 days MC and a fractured finger?


I Follow them... =)